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Food for Thought

Food for Thought workshop 

We need to support innovative ideas and solutions that challenge established food practices and help provide older people with affordable, fresh (locally produced where possible) and nutritious food.

Knowing that a meal cooked with care is one of the very best ways of nurturing wellbeing, the Maggie Beer Foundation was established to Create an Appetite for Life, regardless of age or health restrictions. The best way Maggie knows to effect the change she champions is to go to the source of the decision-making process; the CEOs and managers of aged care homes.

In order to effect change in a way that is greater than the sum of its parts, the Maggie Beer Foundation has designed a specialised workshop for CEOs and managers, ‘Food for Thought’.

‘Food for Thought’ is a workshop dedicated to opening a dialogue with CEOs, troubleshooting the issues that may be hampering full flavoured, highly nutritious food being enjoyed in aged care homes across Australia.

‘Food for Thought’ will offer CEOs and managers across Australia the chance to network with others in management roles, hear from food-focused aged care providers and guest speakers, take part in lively discussions and find out more about the work Maggie Beer Foundation is doing and how best it may aid the decision-making in aged care homes Australia-wide.

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