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Masterclass champion – Stephen Milsted, Lifeview

29 January, 2020

Although Christmas has passed it was lovely to receive the below, from one of our 2019 Sydney Masterclass participants. Too good not to share we thought you too might be motivated by the efforts Stephen and his team put in to creating a special Christmas feast for those residents on a texture modified diet at […]

What’s in season – January

29 January, 2020

Still time to enjoy a little more of the tasty thirst quenching Summer fruits and vegetables. Apricots, Peaches and berries are at their best. This month we share a recipe from ‘Maggie’s Recipes for Life’ ‘Peaches stuffed with Ginger and Almonds,’ delicious on their own of even better with pouring cream or home-made custard!  May […]

The Maggie Beer Foundation journey

29 January, 2020

In 2010 Maggie Beer was made Senior Australian of the Year – this was the beginning of the MBF journey, but it took some years to form the way forward. Maggie had 900 requests to speak in 2010 and as a result she had to pick and choose which were the most important ones.  One […]

Maggie’s special visit to St Basil’s

20 December, 2019

A week ago I visited St. Basil’s in Adelaide, a predominately Greek aged care home in a quiet leafy neighbourhood. As much as I would love to visit lots of homes, time limits this dreadfully, so the catalyst for accepting this invitation was very much because of an old friend I heard was in the […]

Our final Masterclass for 2019

20 December, 2019

The third Masterclass for the year for 30 cooks and chefs in Aged Care from all over Australia was held in Adelaide last week at Regency TAFE. I must say, every Masterclass leaves me a little exhausted, but so energised from the sharing of ideas, skills and time with the participants. We are grateful to […]