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Training for Aged Care Cooks and Chefs

12 November, 2021

The Maggie Beer Foundation is working in partnership with Altura Learning to develop online learning modules for cooks and chefs working in aged care. We are excited that filming for our first online modules is now well underway and we are on track to release the first 11 modules later this year. You can now explore what […]

Congress Report 2021

2 November, 2021

The Maggie Beer Foundation assembles ‘Alliance of the Willing’ to continue the urgent fight for improved food and nutrition in Aged Care ………“There are so many people in aged care working so hard, but often without the support or being empowered to do things better. The National Congress was an opportunity to bring stakeholders together […]

Preserved Lemons

31 October, 2021

Preserved Lemons Preserved lemons are such a special ingredient that deliver a real wow factor when incorporated into cooking. They gift us with intense lemon flavour without the mouth puckering acidity typically experienced if we were to bite into a lemon. There are many ways to use preserved lemons, you can place rinds under the […]

“Lights, Camera, Action” at James Ruse Agricultural High School

30 September, 2021

James Ruse Agricultural High School is located in Carlingford, NSW. Agriculture is a compulsory subject for all junior classes. It is also a Selective High School and draws some of the most brilliant minds. The 6.5ha farm in suburbia is both an outdoor learning space and peaceful area for students to unwind between their studies. […]

Growing Bushfoods by Cath Manuel

27 September, 2021

Growing Bushfoods by Cath Manuel Looking for new plants to grow in your garden or interesting foods to use in the kitchen? Consider choosing a few Australian native plants and enjoy our bushfoods! Growing bushfoods suitable to your region makes a garden ‘low maintenance’ and provides delicious tasting foods to enhance flavours and colours in […]