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What’s in season – June

30 June, 2020

Cold store apples of all kinds are still fabulous, Sundowner was the last to be picked and Golden Delicious and Pink Lady are both great varieties for cooking and usually the cheapest too. Mandarins peel so easily and the skins can be dried overnight in the oven on pilot light and then   whizzed in a […]

What’s in season – April

29 May, 2020

What’s in season? As we reach the end of Autumn and head into the Winter months, we celebrate the produce that comes with the change of season. Apples, avocados, bananas are all in season now. Also look out for Brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, pumpkin, potatoes, sweet potatoes, curly kale, , carrots, fennel, cauliflower, radicchio, rocket As the […]

Gardening through Winter by Cath Manuel

29 May, 2020

On a lovely sunny day in Winter it’s wonderful to enjoy time out in the garden, but as the winter winds hit and frosty days arrive residents and staff could be reluctant to venture into the garden for activities. To continue with gardening programs and grow some fresh food through the coming months, here’s a […]

Masterclass Champion – Kylie Horton, Hakea Grove

29 April, 2020

We love hearing from previous Masterclass participants who have made positive changes and so we were delighted to hear from Kylie, who attended our Sydney Masterclass last September. Kylie shared some of the ideas she has implemented for her residents, she has made changes to her menus, making them suitable for those on texture modified […]

The Blended Circle

29 April, 2020

The Maggie Beer Foundation loves to celebrate good news stories and we were thrilled to hear of an initiative by The Blended Circle. Due to the coronavirus sweeping the country they were unable to start their intergenerational program with aged care homes, so instead they are taking the time to do what they can to […]