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Register your interest for our online training modules

25 May, 2021

The Maggie Beer Foundation is working in partnership with Altura Learning to develop online learning modules for cooks and chefs working in aged care. We are excited that filming for our first online modules is now well underway and we are on track to release the first 11 modules later this year. THE MODULES CURRENTLY […]

Khichdri by Surjeet Dogra Dhanji

29 April, 2021

The Maggie Beer Foundation team are always learning; we have recently engaged with a group of passionate and knowledgeable experts to discuss culturally appropriate food for the elderly. For older persons across all cultures, there is a sense of pleasure and joy in eating familiar, flavoursome, nutritious and textured food, which is important to their […]

Lifeview residents planting with a purpose

29 April, 2021

Lifeview’s residents have successfully teamed with its Chefs and Gardeners to cultivate and grow fresh produce for its kitchens. Aptly titled Planting with a Purpose, the hugely popular and successful program sees residents involved in everything from germinating seedlings, to planting, tending and harvesting the produce. Each quarter, when planning the season’s menus, which is […]

Altered Taste Symposium 28 June to 1 July 2021

29 April, 2021

Maintaining the pleasure in eating is important for everyone and a loss of appetite can affect enjoyment in eating, health and wellbeing. Sensory alterations to eating arise due to ageing, surgery, and a spectrum of common illnesses. Furthermore, older people, cancer patients, brain injured patients and others may have sensory troubles as well as difficulties […]

Dancing with Memories

29 April, 2021

Dancing with Memories – this is the most beautiful children’s book to share how it might be for a loved grandparent living with dementia. The illustrations by Cheryl Orsini are so vivid and each one says so much, and as to the words by Sally Yule, ‘My brain is foggy, but my heart burns bright. […]