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MBF Professional Community – a moderated network for cooks and chefs, with access to over 200 recipes.

31 March, 2022

The Maggie Beer Foundation Professional Community is available to the Alumni, those that have completed Maggie Beer Foundation Education – a Masterclass or Online Module. This is a moderated forum, that will enable the Alumni to discuss topics or hold group discussions, engage with Maggie and our expert chefs or peers to ask questions of, […]

Alliance of the Willing – leadership group providing advocacy

31 March, 2022

Alliance of the Willing, a senior leadership group formed out of the inaugural National Congress on food, nutrition and the dining experience in aged care. The most recent undertaking was to work with the Department of Health, to review and advise on ‘strengthen the Aged Care Quality Standards’, in areas of food and the dining […]

MBF New Chairman’s update

11 February, 2022

I am excited and very humble to be appointed the new chair of the Maggie Beer Foundation. I look forward to making a positive contribution to the Foundation to ensure the Foundation and all Alliance members and other stakeholders achieve their main objective, to improve the quality of food, nutrition, and the dining experience in […]

Relish beautiful food to help reduce dementia risk

9 February, 2022

Ngaire Hobbins book – Brain Body Food Maggie says of book Brain Body Food*    “Immerse yourself (in this book) and be aware of the difference that the right food can do for our bodies and for the pleasure in our life in being active and connected” Reducing your dementia risk and thriving into later life […]

Training for Aged Care Cooks and Chefs

12 November, 2021

The Maggie Beer Foundation is working in partnership with Altura Learning to develop online learning modules for cooks and chefs working in aged care. We are excited that filming for our first online modules is now well underway and we are on track to release the first 11 modules later this year. You can now explore what […]