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Dancing with Memories

29 April, 2021

Dancing with Memories – this is the most beautiful children’s book to share how it might be for a loved grandparent living with dementia. The illustrations by Cheryl Orsini are so vivid and each one says so much, and as to the words by Sally Yule, ‘My brain is foggy, but my heart burns bright. I can’t do everything I used to do; I can’t say everything I want to but my family and friends look out for me like the twinkling stars watch over the earth’.

Maggie is so proud to be involved in a small way, adding food ideas for lunchboxes and her dear friend Professor Ralph Martins has added a section offering answers to questions most often asked by all ages.

Dancing with Memories can be purchased from www.dancingwithmemories.com.au – $1 from each sale will be donated to the Maggie Beer Foundation and Lions Alzheimer’s Foundation