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Masterclass Graduates – where are they now?

19 December, 2017

We love hearing what our Masterclass graduates are up to and believe it’s important to celebrate the achievement of these ‘Champions of Change.’

Benjamin Soutter, a Cater Care Key Account Manager in Victoria, is one of these champions. Ben has recently caught our attention with his fantastic work using moulds for texture modified foods. We asked Ben to give us an update on his journey after the Masterclass.

“In my time since the Masterclass, I have been working in the Aged Care sector to build on my experience and further develop my management skills. By working closely with my clients at Village Baxter and the Cater Care team, we have realigned some of our process in the kitchen to be able to roll out moulded food.

Since our first attempt, we have been in contact with Justine from Flavour Creations who was able to provide some extra training and support to our team at Village Baxter. We are looking to have moulded food form part of our daily routine early in the New Year.

The biggest challenge we face is the high number of modified diets to cater for and transportation logistics, especially on a site that is spread across 75 acres. The team is very excited and motivated to achieve this goal and provide the next level of food service to our residents, while I look forward to working with them to help them achieve this goal.”

We are so proud of what our Champions are doing and we look forward to sharing more of these stories with you.