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Our final Masterclass for 2019

20 December, 2019
The third Masterclass for the year for 30 cooks and chefs in Aged Care from all over Australia was held in Adelaide last week at Regency TAFE. I must say, every Masterclass leaves me a little exhausted, but so energised from the sharing of ideas, skills and time with the participants.

We are grateful to be so supported by experts in the field who give their time and knowledge. Participants learnt a lot of practical application, particularly with new ideas for texture modified foods, to excite the palate of a resident who has dysphagia (difficulty swallowing). (start) In the afternoon the 30 cooks were split into pairs and each had to cook a meal so full of flavour and goodness that it would please any one of us, but most particularly someone in care. If you can imagine, it was quite the melee with so many in this huge kitchen at TAFE, and a certain competitive drive, as both Peter Morgan-Jones and I commented on each dish and looked for the very best to be celebrated.

I must mention of course the sheer delight of working again with our very special guest presenter Simon, such is our synchronicity as a team that we were finishing each other’s sentences! I cherish the support he has given the foundation from the very first day. He gives his time and knowledge so generously, and always with such a propensity of fun.

The Masterclasses provide such an important conduit of learning. There is so much for us to hear from the cooks and chefs on issues they have to combat. We have so much knowledge to share from our visiting experts and from what we have learnt over the years. Even though there is much more to do, the positive energy of always looking to do better spurs us all on.