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Wellbeing Garden Grant – Nobel Park, Melbourne

25 October, 2018

In 2015 the Maggie Beer Foundation gave out a number of Garden grants to successful homes that applied. We recently heard from Nobel Park in Melbourne who have used their grant to create a beautiful space for residents and families to enjoy.

Michelle Thomson, Uniting Agewell Program Manager told us, ‘The creation of the Community Garden at Noble Park as been a great asset for our clients and families.  Our volunteers often take residents into the garden and have been growing different vegetables and flowers in the raised wicking beds.

 The garden beds set at different heights enable clients with mobility challenges to access and enjoy planting and reconnecting with the earth.  The clients have very much enjoyed this activity and we have seen great emotional and physical benefits for clients. It’s particularly important for them to have the opportunity to continue participating in an activity they enjoyed before moving into residential aged care.

 The produce from the garden to date has mostly been enjoyed by our staff and volunteers, as the volume has not yet been large enough to utilise it in client-related activities.  However, as the garden matures and more clients become involved, our vision of being able to implement cooking-based programs using the fresh produce will be realised.

The inclusion of the bowling green and recent addition of turf so that we can hold our Tai Chi classes outside has meant that our community and residential aged care clients have a beautiful outdoor space in which to remain active.

The garden has developed into a lovely green space to be enjoyed by all, whether it’s for gardening, bowling or just to have a cup of tea and enjoy some fresh air.