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Spring Slaw

”This dish is as beautiful as a piece of art but only if the ingredients are super fresh and thinly sliced or grated. The good thing is the ingredients are interchangeable; if there is no bok choy, use broccoli instead, slicing the stems really thinly crossways separately to the heads. No red cabbage? Green cabbage will do, particularly a sugarloaf one. This versatile slaw makes a great accompaniment to a chop on the barbeque, pan-fried chicken livers or a grilled chicken thigh, or enjoy it with something even simpler like some tinned sardines on toast.’

REF: page 105, Maggie’s Recipes for Life


  1. In a bowl combine the mustard, vinegar and olive oil.
  2. Finely slice and grate all of the vegetables.
  3. Dress with the dressing- set aside for 10 minutes, then place into the centre of the bowl, top with walnuts and serve.
  4. Nice accompaniment to chicken or topped with crumbled feta.