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Creating an Appetite for Life’ Masterclass for Aged Care Cooks and Chefs

Once again, the Maggie Beer Foundation is sending out an invitation to passionate aged care cooks and chefs to engage in an Education Program that has proven the strength of its impact with participants around the country. As Maggie explains, “It would come as no surprise that I loved food all my life; it’s my joy, and sometimes my heartache, but we can fix that, and together, we can improve the health, happiness and quality of life of every older Australian.”

This is very much a hands on experience for everyone taking part; a chance to ask as many questions as pop into your head, trouble-shoot the stumbling blocks of cooking in aged care homes, put some fresh thinking around nutritious ingredients, food supplier relationships,  aged care specific recipes, menus and dining room management.

As always, Maggie has pulled together her A-Team to ensure important ground is covered in a most delicious manner. All work and no play is far from Maggie’s ideal learning environment, so be prepared to mix inspirational teachings with beautiful food and plenty of laughs.

Please note that tickets are based on a ‘first in best fed’ policy, and are only for those who fulfill the criteria of a chef or cook in aged care, Australia-wide.

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