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Rembrandt – oh what a day

28 July, 2022

Oh what a day

On Wednesday 13 July, Rembrandt Court had a country and western theme day. There were line dancers, country music and a special American style meal of slow cooked pulled pork sliders, mac and cheese and all the sides. John Denver was playing in the background and staff were in cowboy boots and hats, there where bails of straw and a saddle. How much fun was this place? The perfect day for Maggie to pay a visit. In her checker dress Maggie quickly fit in at Rembrandt.

Maggie was keen to see how the Rembrandt team created a positive dining experience. How else would you do this, but to sit with residents, taste the food and feel the environment where these beautiful residents eat every day.

The bain marie was full of tasty food, that smelt good and the cooks looked excited to plate what they had prepared. It was hard to see the smiles because of the masks but they body language said it all. The positive vibe in the dining room was palpable. Whilst dining with Resident Joe, Maggie asked what his favourite meal was and Joe replied, “I’m not sure, there are too many”.  Although this was a theme day at Rembrandt the food and dining experience was nothing unusual. The cooks head to the dining room with a bain marie full of wholesome, well prepared, great smelling food every day.

Maggie got a little tour through Rembrandt to meet more residents and staff. With questions about how we assist residents if they need help during the meals. Maggie was quickly introduced to the “hand under hand” method from Rembrandt’s very own Teepa Snow Independent PAC Certified Trainer and Consultant, Maggie watched Rembrandt residents being assisted to still have a wonderful dining experience.

While touring the home, staff were proud to show off their tovertafels where interactive games are projected onto tables, various murals, coffee stations, cafe and the in house gym.

The Rembrandt catering team showed where they prepare the meals in the main kitchen. Maggie gave a mini workshop about the benefits of good olive oil and provided some tips and tricks that the team were eager to implement.

Maggie paid a visit to the chicken coop, where 6 little chickens live, she wandered the garden, admired the herb garden and even gave some feedback on our unhealthy lemon tree (which we will rectify).

Maggie’s visit has inspired the team to learn and improve even more, the catering team are eager to commence working through the foundations education programs and make what is already a great dining experience even better with their learnings.

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General Manager Residential Services
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