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Celebrating tomatoes

24 January, 2019

On the food front in this edition we celebrate tomatoes – these versatile beauties can be eaten raw, dried, cooked or preserved and have bountiful applications. There is no smell quite like that of a tomato vine and no taste sweeter than a cherry tom plucked from its stalk on a summers afternoon. A pleasure to grow with fruitful rewards from small to big, green to red or even black and in many different shapes and sizes. Tomatoes in their freshest state need nothing more than a splash of extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and black pepper- an easy lunch with fresh bread. They grow and are a taste sensation when paired with life partner basil.

If purchasing store tomatoes, choose those rich in colour and always store at room temperature. Why not, purchase a box of seconds and slow cook with onion, garlic and a little red wine vinegar makes a flavour filled, cost effective and delicious base sauce for dishes such as eggplant bake, pizza, pastas even baked eggs at breakfast; see our recipe below. I have no doubt that someone you know or one of your residents has a killer recipe for tomato chutney- why not make a batch together one day and enjoy during weeks ahead; if you happen to have any left-over Christmas ham, make a fresh sandwich with chutney and you are winning!!!

We hope you create and enjoy our simple tomato Salsa recipe– suitable to top roast chicken, fish, or eggs and this easy, flavour rich eggplant and tomato bake.