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Champions of Change – Adelaide 2018

29 March, 2018

Champions of Change is a project launched to continue the good work by the aged care chefs and cooks who have attended Maggie’s ‘Creating An Appetite For Life’ Education Programs; uniting everyone in a series of events and activities put together especially for the purpose of keeping the impetus of this worthwhile change ignited.

We want every chef and cook in our Maggie Beer Foundation family to have every opportunity to become equally passionate advocates for all that has been shared in Maggie’s program, and to do that requires constant motivation and inspiration – and that’s exactly where ‘Champions of Change’ steps in.

Each Champions of Change Event is held at a Miele Centre; it’s purpose being to reconnect with those who experienced the Programs together but more importantly to discuss to hearing about what changes have been made in their workplaces, the successes they’ve had, the challenges they’ve faced and find out what we can do to further assist the chefs and cooks on their food journey within aged care. We also ask that they bring their management team along, as we all know that evidently change needs to be accepted from the top.

During each Champions of Change event, the chefs and cooks are captivated by a cooking demonstration by Maggie and a guest chef.

This time around we were lucky enough to have Simon Bryant with us at the beautiful Miele Centre in Adelaide and needless to say it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

With special thanks to Simon Bryant and the amazing team at Miele for their generous support, without which these events would not be possible.