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Chocolate Mousse Comparison

30 August, 2018

Here at the Foundation we are passionate about making the dining experience for all ages the best it can be.  We hear that the daily food experience is not so for some of our elders in aged care homes. Simply by switching from packet to fresh can improve consumption of foods by up to 70%.

Hugest of respect to our amazing cooks and chefs providing for our elders, we respect your time… everyone in life is busy and challenged, prioritising the days tasks….

We are passionate about allocating time to areas you feel attention is needed and brings the greatest benefit… we hope the points below can influence your choice to replace packet products with fresh

It is often the most simple and cost neutural recipes that packet products are used for e.g. Mousse, simple cakes such as sponge, butter cake, brownie, stock, soup, jelly, pannacotta.

For anything to survive in a packet, additives and preservatives are added, the health benefits are low, nutrients are lost and most importantly, flavour and the values of freshly prepared food; the aromas of fresh baking; the enjoyment, nostalgia, pleasure, your self pride… all those things that affect our quality of life.

The small increase in time and cost, and often there won’t be any once it becomes known will be completely outweighed by the residents pleasure, your self achievement and the inner nutrient value provided within the dish created.

Here is our Maggie Beer Foundation Chocolate Mousse recipe… nutritional analysed by Flinders University’s Morgan Pankhurst and a comparison of packet vs fresh, not only is the taste incomparable, the colour, the flavour, the benefits and the pleasure.

We recently did a blind tasting with 25 cooks and chefs packet vs fresh chocolate mousse, no-one even needed to comment or guess which was which the result so clear. The time in creating the fresh version vs the packet was equal.

Vital to make every mouthful count for our elders with decreased appetites, take a look at the comparison!

Side by side comparison

Per 100g

Nestle Docello (made with skim milk) MBF Recipe
Energy (kJ) 230 1811
Protein (g) 2.2 6.3
Fat (g) 2.3 30.4
–       Saturated (g) 2.0 17.0
Carbohydrate (g) 6.3 34.9
–       Sugars (g) 5.1 31.7
Fibre (g) —- 0.4
Sodium (mg) 35 56.5
Calcium (mg) 130 64.6

We respect that change takes time and effort, start by simply replacing one item you currently use a packet for and make a version from scratch. Before long this will become your regular practice.

Work with us to bring pleasure back to your residents daily dining experience, our elders deserve the best!

MBF would love to hear your success and help you tackle any challenges you have had, be in touch here…. Info@maggiebeerfoundation.org.au