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Creating an Appetite for Life – the joy of shared meal times

30 July, 2020

At Southern Plus East Fremantle, the Maggie Beer Foundation philosophy that food should be more than nourishment, is held in high regard by Head Chef, Dhurba and his team.

Inspired by the book ‘Lobster for Josino’ by Peter Morgan-Jones, Prudence Ellis, and Rod MacLeod, residents enjoy an amazing three-course meal with bursting flavours, enticing smells and a variety of different textures every Friday. Hosted in the fine dining room, complete with pressed white tablecloths, fresh floral arrangements and classical music, residents experience an atmosphere likened to that of the world’s most accoladed restaurants.

When designing the menu, Dhurba considers that food is one of the most important sensory experiences for a person living in aged care.  At Southern Plus East Fremantle, the close proximity to both the Swan River and the Indian Ocean inspires a changing menu solely focused on seasonal West Australian produce. Last week residents enjoyed pink snapper from WA waters, with asparagus risotto, paprika butter and sundried tomatoes.  The elegant fish dish is served with a choice of quality wine.  This week Dhurba recommended the confit duck legs, roasted potatoes paired with a delicate orange sauce.

Residential Operations Manager, Daniel Smith, recognises that food is an integral part in the lives and routines of residents.

“Residents associate Friday evenings with fine dining, they look forward to donning their collared shirts, dresses and jewelry. Seeing the residents enjoying their meals, engaging in conversation and thanking the team of chefs is wonderful” said Daniel.

The team at Southern Plus East Fremantle takes inspiration from the ‘Creating an Appetite for Life’ Masterclass. The resources and recipes published by the Maggie Beer Foundation bring sensory joy to the lives of our residents. The importance of mealtimes spans wider than a plate of food, and instead is a combination of providing residents with a meal that evokes joy, paired with meaningful social connections.

The aged care industry has experienced unimaginable challenges in 2020, and we now recognise that excellent food, enjoyed at the table with friends and family, brings a strong sense of community holds more value for our residents than ever before.