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Grow Your Own Winter Veg by Cath Manuel

1 July, 2019

Now we are well into the Winter months there’s a range of foods that are grown throughout Australia in any garden setting, in each climatic zone.

Homegrown foods are packed with flavour, nutrients and add lovely colour to any meals.

Grow a range of foods in garden beds with soil prepared for planting or in containers within small spaces.

Read about growing in small spaces here – https://soiltosupper.com/episode-009-growing-food-in-small-spaces/

Before growing your favourite foods this Winter, prepare gardens for planting by following my simple steps included in last month’s article here 

Once gardens are prepared, you’ll be ready for growing!

Try these delicious winter veg…

  • Broad Beans – to add a burst of colour to your garden, try growing ‘Crimson Flowered’ Broad Bean. Stunning pink flowers followed by delicious green pods. Grows to 1m tall and suitable for cool and temperate climates. Gardeners to sow seeds directly into prepared garden areas.
  • Brussels Sprouts – not one of my favourites but I know many people love these! For added colour in the garden and on the plate try growing the ruby or red variety. They are slightly milder in flavour than the green, and the colour deepens with frosts, so suitable for growing in cooler climates. Best grown from seeds available online.
  • Snow Peas and Sugar Snap Peas – eat the delicious flat pods of snow peas whole or pick and shell sugar snap peas throughout the cooler months. Both these peas are grown on a trellis and are good companions with lettuce, broccoli, kale or cauliflower. Sow seeds directly into soil near trellis.
  • Radish – grown year-round in most climates, these small pepper-flavoured root vegetables are fast growing and suitable for any garden with deep, rich soil. Radish are also grown as microgreens. Enjoy the mild peppery flavoured leaves as a garnish on any dish or in salads, soups or vegetable dishes. Find tips for growing microgreens here https://soiltosupper.com/microgreens-growing-itty-bitty-little-greens/ …a fantastic therapeutic activity for gardening groups!
  • Cauliflower – for another colourful veg try growing the ‘Purple Sicilian’ Cauli, which turns green when cooked but is equally delicious when eaten raw. Cauliflower grow well in all climate zones although best grown in cooler areas. In the Brassica family which means it is susceptible to attack by cabbage moth so plant with aromatic herbs of thyme, oregano, sage or dill.

In cool climates try growing Tatsoi – deep green leaves, eaten as young leaves in salads or added to soups in cooler months. Residents can enjoy sowing seeds throughout garden areas amongst flowers and herbs.

In temperate climates try growing Asparagus – slender spears appear during spring. Sow seeds into punnets during gardening activities or purchase year old crowns and plant directly into a garden bed to grow alone…they like to take over!

In sub-tropical climates try growing Celeriac – not a pretty looking vegetable but packed full of flavour. Gardeners can sow seeds directly into prepared garden beds.

In tropical climates try growing Snake Beans – also known as asparagus bean, these 60+ cm long beans are highly nutritious, with sweet nutty flavour. Sow seeds all year round in warm climates and add a strong trellis for support!

TIP – purchase seeds online through Diggers Club https://www.diggers.com.au/  or Green Harvest https://greenharvest.com.au/  to access a large range of interesting heirloom seeds.

Gather the simple steps to sowing seeds in my article and video here – https://soiltosupper.com/simple-steps-to-sowing-seeds/

These are just a few of the magnificent foods that are easily grown in any home garden.

Pick a few favourites, gather your gardeners and get growing!



Cath Manuel is a Horticultural Consultant specialising in Therapeutic and Kitchen Gardens. Cath is the Founder and Director of Soil to Supper which provides onsite services nationally and online programs through the Soil to Supper Community. She is the host of The Wellbeing Garden Podcast Program. Cath has many years’ experience in the horticulture industry and has a great passion for sharing her knowledge to inspire people of all ages and abilities to enjoy gardening activities and grow fresh food.

Find more on therapeutic gardening at www.soiltosupper.com