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Kalyra Communites & Montessori School

2 October, 2017

Kalyra Woodcroft aged care is a well established 83-bed home in South Australia which which will soon offer an intergenerational program like no other.

Woodcroft welcomes students from local high school Wirreanda High to visit on a regular basis. So successful has this been, the community has committed to more innovation with a co-located, middle years Montessori school.

Purpose built classrooms will be built at Kalyra Woodcroft and the Montessori school will provide experiential learning for the children which could include: – real work in the coffee shop – leading garden projects from design to implementation – teaching older people to navigate the technologies and digital world – events, art exhibitions and music concerts.

Residents at Kalyra can enjoy the company of the students who they can learn with, teach and engage.

A brilliantly innovative approach to intergenerational activities and we look forward to hearing more as the program progresses.