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Living Care Coffs Haven – Wellbeing Garden

21 December, 2017

Living Care Coffs Haven were lucky enough to secure a $2000 grant in 2017 from the Maggie Beer Foundation for a new edible garden through the Foundation’s Wellbeing Gardens program.

“This is our beautiful and very productive garden at Coffs Haven. We have also installed a playground, BBQ and shade sails and the area is now being utilised by all. Staff, family and residents are planting and sharing and it is now a focal part of the Facility where people come together.” Coffs Haven Manager of Residential Services, Lorraine Connor.

Maggie’s belief is that from the nutritional benefit of an edible garden at the back door, to being involved in a flowering garden, everyone feels happier in a beautiful, outdoor environment.

“Having a space to be proud of, to ‘potter in’ and give a sense of purpose improves people’s health and, for many, gardening enables them to undertake an activity that they have always loved”.

“Wellbeing Gardens provide a space where elderly people, their families and friends can walk in the sunshine, breathe fresh air and socialise.” Maggie

We were able to offer a total of 15 grants as part of our Wellbeing Gardens Program, thanks to the Yulgilbar Foundation.

The aim of the program is to provide residents within aged care homes access to a beautiful, outdoor, living environment.