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Maggie’s Christmas preparation tips….

28 November, 2019

The biggest thing is organisation and preparation so it’s all a breeze. Preparation, for me, is all about making a great stuffing for the goose the night before. I also make the meringues for the pavlova ahead of time and store until I’m ready to assemble on the day. Prepare the ham by stripping the skin and scoring the fat read to glaze. Have all the salad ingredients washed, dried and prepped and the goose into an oven bag. Checking your basic pantry items is also worthwhile as you don’t want to find you’re missing something you need when it may be too late to source it. I also like to think about getting drinks together ahead of time; choosing wines, chilling bubbles can all take place now, and, once you’ve done all that, leave small last minute jobs for everyone to have a part in and hand over the clean up after lunch to others.

Finally, remember to enjoy the special time with family and friends, MB

For the pavlova pictured, click here