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Masterclass Champion – Kay Gunnarrson of Ozcare Keith Turnbull Place, Labrador, QLD

25 October, 2018

Kay Gunnarrson participated in the Creating an Appetite for Life Education Program in April 2018 in Brisbane. Kay returned work with determination to put her learnings into practice, and has already started with the initiatives below:

  • Staff working in the serveries were educated with plating up skills. Photos of dishes plated in the main kitchen are now on show to remind staff of the presentation expectation.
  • The home changed from using vegetable oil to Olive Oil.
  • Coloured place mats and serviettes have been brought to brighten up Room Service trays.
  • Chicken stock bubbles away all day, and is strained prior to end of shift – chilled and available for use the following day.
  • Chef choice days – new menu ideas are created and served to obtain residents reactions prior to them going on the menu
  • The gardener, Geoff, has planted beans, carrots and beetroot in the planter box which are starting to peak through the soil and should be ready to harvest soon. He has also managed to build another planter box down which they will put cabbages into.
  • A new menu will roll out shortly, there are no sausage rolls or party pies on it!
  • The dietician has had the huge task of creating a recipe portal for all Ozcare homes to access.
  • Kay is putting her kitchen staff through Certificate Three in Commercial Cookery to provide them with great kitchen foundation skills.
  • Along with all of the above Kay and her team have produced a colourful visual brochure to go into introductory packages showcasing the food experience and delights on offer to the 137 residents at Keith Turnbull Place in Labrador QLD.
  • Ozcare produce a recipe calendar each year; the recipes are sourced from clients of day respite, residential care, men’s hostel, staff and relatives. Kay and the team do all the cooking for the photo shoot, the 2019 theme is baking.

Congratulations Kay and team, we are so proud of your determination to provide the best daily dining experience for your residents.