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Masterclass Champion – Susyn Young of Embracia in Woodford

25 September, 2018

Susyn is employed as the Catering Manager at Embracia in Woodford, QLD. In April 2018, Susyn Young received a scholarship to attend the Maggie Beer Foundation two-day cooks and chefs ‘Creating an Appetite for Life’ Education program in Brisbane.

Susyn has implemented many great things since her Education program experience and, as a result, has improved her residents’ experience and overall quality of life. In just 6 months, Susyn and her team have:

  • A new five-week menu with two choices for both lunch and dinner
  • Put in 2 herb gardens
  • Have had the go ahead to get chickens
  • Are now making nourishing breakfast smoothies, using fortified milk, oats, berries, Greek yoghurt – which has been very popular with residents
  • They are no longer buying in processed pre-prepared root vegetables, they are now buying fresh and roasting with skin on
  • Using more seasonal focused fresh produce
  • The recipes have been adjusted to include nutrient dense ingredients such as wholemeal flour, ground nut meals and seeds
  • They are no longer using any packet mixes… hooray!!!
  • They are making their own fresh stock
  • They are adding protein and fibre rich pulses to soups

Susyn’s next mission is to improve the presentation of her texture modified meals.

The 75 residents at Woodford and the Maggie Beer Foundation thank Susyn and her team for enthusiastically embracing the journey to improve the food experience for older Australians.