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MBF New Chairman’s update

11 February, 2022

I am excited and very humble to be appointed the new chair of the Maggie Beer Foundation. I look forward to making a positive contribution to the Foundation to ensure the Foundation and all Alliance members and other stakeholders achieve their main objective, to improve the quality of food, nutrition, and the dining experience in aged care.

I come from a legal background but transitioned from Partnership several years ago. I am a board member of a large not-for-profit Aged Care provider, chair several boards and committees and undertake advisory, facilitation and mediation services to the private sector, government, and families.

I am extremely grateful, and the Foundation recognises, all the tremendous work over many years undertaken by the Foundation’s immediate past chair, Peter Kenny. His commitment and contribution have been instrumental in driving the Foundation forward and in particular the last couple of years in not only putting together the National Congress on Food, Nutrition and the Dining experience in Aged Care and its final report but maintaining and expanding and communicating with Alliance members, government and other stakeholders. We are fortunate Peter, for the time, is staying on to assist in the finalisation of the module programs and Foundation recommendations regarding strengthening aged care quality standards in food and nutrition.

We farewell Kevin Reid who was made a great contribution to the Foundation over many years, particularly in finance and governance. Many thanks Kevin.

We also farewell Trevor Richards, founding Director, who also made a great contribution to the Foundation over the years particularly as a past Chairman and in the area of governance. Many thanks Trevor.

We welcome to the Foundation Olivia Nassaris who will provide tremendous experience and skill to the Foundation in the areas of communications and advocacy in aged care and championing the cause of the Foundation in seeking philanthropic grants and sponsorships. Olivia is currently the Executive Director of The Hospital Research Foundation Group – Parkinson’s and Stroke.

We also welcome to the Foundation Robyn Hayward, a chartered accountant with 20 years’ experience, predominantly in the media industry. Robyn will make a great contribution to the Foundation in finance, governance, and media.

Maggie and the Foundation have a busy year ahead. There is a clear focus and drive for a collaborative effort by the Foundation, Alliance members and other stakeholders to not only improve nutrition and food in Aged Care but to deliver and implement education programs and to provide advocacy to the quality standards for the delivery of better food, nutrition and the dining experience to all residents in Aged Care irrespective of individual dietary requirements, cultural background and special needs.