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November Champion – Natasha Keirnan, Chef and Hospitality Manager

28 November, 2018

19 years of cooking experience within aged care, restaurants and catering, a passion for good food, nutrition and a special interest in dementia specific opportunities with food, has lead Natasha Keirnan to her latest position as Hospitality Lead of Southern Plus East Fremantle in WA and food advisor for Southern Cross Care residential aged care homes across WA.

Eliza, our MBF Chef,  dropped into visit Natasha early on a Monday morning as residents casually made their way to the dining room for breakfast. The smell of freshly cooked toast filled the air and residents highly rated the house made Seville orange marmalade available to top their warm buttered toast. Residents chatted amongst each other regarding their jam making experiences and it was decided that the next batch of jam would be strawberry; the residents would top and chop the fruit in preparation.

The nirvana… fresh herb and vegetable gardens, indoor and outdoor dining spaces, brunch space with kitchen where residents’ families cook, a fine dining room, food is treated with high regard and there are no complaints at resident meetings. In fact one family is on a wait list for the fine dining room on a Wednesday evening.

“There are no excuses for poor food, we need to educate and make time to create the best dining experience possible for our residents.”

Natasha is working with Southern Cross Care in WA to roll out new cook fresh menus across all their residential aged care sites. Along with educating staff on dementia food practices and opportunities to increase the visual appeal of texture modified food.

All the best for the journey ahead Natasha and we look forward to following your progress.