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Masterclass Champion – Priscilla Bourne, from Brightwater’s Ellison House

30 August, 2018

Chefs and cooks working in aged and disability care need to know more specifics about food than their peers working in restaurants, according to Maggie Beer Foundation chef, Eliza Taylor. Eliza visited Brightwater’s Ellison House during August to meet with chef Priscilla Bourne, who cooks on site for residents with Huntington’s Disease. The visit was a […]

Understanding Antioxidants

30 August, 2018

Can you name any foods that contain antioxidants? If you said blueberries, green tea and chocolate you’re on the right track! But what are antioxidants and why are they good for us? To answer this question we need to take a quick course in basic chemistry. Atoms (and groups of atoms called molecules) are the […]

Spring is upon us – it’s time to grow!

30 August, 2018

Spring is here…it’s time to grow! By Cath Manuel With Spring upon us it’s a wonderful time of year to head outside and grow beautiful crops of herbs, vegetables and flowers.It’s also a great time to start a garden therapy program for residents to enjoy a range of gardening activities and help to grow fresh […]

Chocolate Mousse Comparison

30 August, 2018

Here at the Foundation we are passionate about making the dining experience for all ages the best it can be.  We hear that the daily food experience is not so for some of our elders in aged care homes. Simply by switching from packet to fresh can improve consumption of foods by up to 70%. […]

In the garden – what’s in season?

30 August, 2018

As the winter nears the end we say goodbye to the hearty warming ingredients such as leeks, mandarins, oranges and root vegetables. Spring is just around the corner with new season asparagus and potatoes, beetroot, spring greens such as snap peas, peas, rocket and flat leaf parsley leaves and spring is the natural season for strawberries. Perhaps […]