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PISA twenty year celebration and re-launch as Nonna’s Cucina

30 July, 2019

On Wednesday 24th Maggie and the CEO of the Foundation, Lynn James, attended Government House in Adelaide to celebrate 20 years of service and the renaming of the Italian Meals service in Adelaide. Formely PISA, Nonna’s Cucina is ready for times ahead.

Nonna’s Cucina CEO, Kelley Russo, shares the history of the organisation

  • In 1999, PISA’s forerunner, The Italian Meal Service was establish under the auspice of Multicultural Aged Care with funding provided by the state Government program, Home and community care. The First Executive team consisted of Franca Antonello, Silvio Iaderola (ia-der-rola) and Gosia Skalban who wrote the first organisational policies and guided the organisation. We have come a long way from purchasing meals from the Italian Benevolent Foundation & St Hilarion Aged Care 20 years ago, to our wonderful facilities and team we have today at Royal Park.
  • In that time there have been many changes in staff and facilities but the one constant that shines through is the fabulous volunteers.
  • In the last two years in particular, PISA has come leaps and bounds with strong strategic planning and direction. Having a strong business minded board to guide the organisation has lead us to where we are today.  I will remind you all that our Board members also volunteer their time to PISA and our community. We have a dynamic management team who are very dedicated and committed to providing quality service to the community, our staff and volunteers.  From our chefs to our driver/assistants, the team put love into every day, and deliver meals full of joy & love!
  • So, 20 fantastic years of making tasty meals made with love
  • 20 fantastic years of Nonna and Nonno Italian family traditions
  • 20 fantastic years of fun and laughs
  • 20 fantastic years of great long lasting friendships
  • And 20 years of making people smile.
  • Congratulations to all who have been involved. May we continue into the future with a focus on growth, and commitment to all of our wonderful clients thank you