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25 May, 2021

The Maggie Beer Foundation is working in partnership with Altura Learning to develop online learning modules for cooks and chefs working in aged care. We are excited that filming for our first online modules is now well underway and we are on track to release the first 11 modules later this year.

• Creating Tempting Finger Food and Sandwiches
• Cooking Techniques with Impact
• Cook Fresh. Chill. Enhance.
• Feed the Eyes First: Food Presentation
• Keep it Fresh: Kitchen Gardens
• Delivering Higher Protein All Day
• Rethinking Texture Modified Food
• Food Culture of First Australians
• Embracing Food from Diverse Cultures
• Improving the Dining Experience
• Maximising Flavour: Engage the Senses

Each module is accompanied by a comprehensive Information Sheet full of practical hints, key definitions, beautiful recipe cards and an invitation to an online forum where you can learn from others and share your successes.

Register your interest https://bit.ly/3bSHchT