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Relish beautiful food to help reduce dementia risk

9 February, 2022

Ngaire Hobbins book – Brain Body Food

Maggie says of book Brain Body Food*    “Immerse yourself (in this book) and be aware of the difference that the right food can do for our bodies and for the pleasure in our life in being active and connected”

Reducing your dementia risk and thriving into later life depends on changing thinking about food as you age. Dietitian Ngaire Hobbins is skilled at translating the complex science of nutrition, ageing and brain health for the everyday reader. In Brain Body Food* she offers an abundance of sensible, practical guidance for thriving into later life and reducing dementia risk.

“In a nutshell, the key is eating with an emphasis on getting a wide variety fresh, seasonal, minimally processed food and making sure there is good protein in every meal.” says Ngaire.

Ngaire was on the Expert Working Party for the National Congress on Food, Nutrition and the Dining Experience in Aged Care which the Maggie Beer Foundation delivered in partnership with the Dept of Health late in 2020. She shares Maggie’s desire and drive to improve the food experiences for older Australians living within aged care homes, but she is equally passionate about helping people living independently in their middle and later age enjoy the best possible life in the years ahead of them.

Ngaire’s book sharing the science of nutrition, ageing and brain health in the language of everyday people is available here (in print, ebook and audiobook) or through your favourite bookseller.

Ngaire Hobbins APD Dietitian