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Season’s greetings from Maggie

17 December, 2020

How hopeful we all are that COVID restrictions are relaxing enough for most Homes across Australia to go back to getting towards normal. So many families have been unable to visit across borders to see their loved ones that has impacted the lives of so many, including the hard-working teams at Aged Care Homes who have had to find ingenious ways of keeping communication alive at times where physical visits were not possible.

Our lives whether in business or just daily living are so changed that it’s an unknown quantity what is to be normal going forward, however one thing I do believe we must work at holding onto and that is the amount of kindness that has been shown in neighbourhoods and communities and let’s hope that that will flow onto more concern from the wider community of  the importance of making sure those in aged care homes can have as good a care as is possible and that the front line teams that have worked so hard over this time can be acknowledged and respected for their commitment yet always looking at what we can do better.

This weather is confounding our norm when it comes to our gardens; we are experiencing days of such high temperatures so early in the summer season and then days that are so cold and windy we are battening down the hatches. We had such wonderful Spring rains that every tree in our gardens and orchards was so full of the promise of the biggest crops in ages and yet the winds of these last days with broken branches of trees splitting and blocking roadways and 30-year-old bushes of our much-loved honeysuckle thrown to the ground it makes me wonder where the weather is taking us.     I’ve just been for a walk in our orchard and the tree is littered with immature fruit fallen overnight.      Nature is a fickle creature!

I do hope that all of you are able to be surrounded by those you love and share Christmas together and that with saying goodbye to 2020 we hope for a great new year to come.   Let 2021 be a good one.

My warmest wishes to all,