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Sowing Seeds for Spring by Cath Manuel

30 July, 2020

With the start of Spring upon us shortly, now is a great time to consider what plant seeds can be sown and grown over the coming months.

Sowing seeds into punnets, pots or directly into garden beds are fun activities that are suitable for all abilities of gardener and perfect for a group gardening activity.

For the simple methods to sow seeds please find a step-by-step guide and my video HERE.

In the sowing guide I explain the steps to take to grow seedlings, including choosing containers for seeds, using a quality seed raising mix, spraying the mix with a small hand sprayer and where to place punnets and pots while plants are germinating.

To get started, choose seeds that will be grown through Spring and suitable for your climate.

A few suggestions are:

  • Herbs of Basil, Chives, Parsley, Dill, Fennel, Mint, Oregano and Thyme.
  • Delicious garden vegetables of Beans, Capsicum, Cucumber, Eggplant, Lettuce, Silverbeet and Tomato.

This activity is completed at a table with everyone completing the task together or at their own pace or can be offered as a one-on-one therapeutic gardening activity. This is a great activity for a gardening group and I have completed this many times in my aged care and community support programs…everyone enjoys it!

Ensure you choose a well-ventilated area to complete this activity as soil mixture is being used.

Tip – dampen off the seed raising mix prior to placing on tables for gardeners, or for yourself, to reduce the dust particles from organic products. Always follow suggested safety guidelines on packaging.

You’ll find an Activity Guide HERE for gardeners to follow. Download and print a few copies, then laminate or place in a clear cover to keep clean.

Re-use old punnets or pots collected from other activities. Always wash punnets and pots prior to re-using with warm water and a natural disinfectant, eg water soluble eucalyptus or tea tree cleaner, rinse and dry in the sun. This removes any disease pathogens that could be in old dirt in the pots.

To gather more guidance and resources for fun and meaningful gardening activities find the Soil to Supper Seasonal Gardening Programs HERE Includes weekly activities, activity guides, session plans, videos and more!

If you have any questions about gardening activities or growing food in-house please contact me – cath@soiltosupper.com

Growing with you,


Cath Manuel is a Horticulturist specialising in therapeutic gardening and kitchen gardens. She is the Founder of Soil to Supper which provides online programs and onsite services nationally. Cath has many years’ experience in the horticulture industry and has a great passion for sharing her knowledge to inspire and support people of all ages and abilities to enjoy gardening for improved health and wellbeing.

Find more on therapeutic gardening at www.soiltosupper.com