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Summer is coming…

28 November, 2018

It is almost BBQ weather – do you find it hard to ignore the enticing smell of a summer BBQ? Alfresco dining can bring so much joy and no doubt some memories back to residents. We know that many aged care homes have fantastic outdoor spaces and have heard of male residents manning the BBQ with beer in hand assisting to bring together the feast ahead.

Simple ideas such as marinating the meat prior to cooking, skewering the chicken on rosemary stalks or topping the cooked fish with flavoured butter not only enhances the dish but engages the senses and stimulates the appetite.

Compound butters are simple, can be made ahead and stored in rolls in the freezer. Simply unwrap, defrost, slice and place onto the hot protein to melt, ooze over and moisten the meal along with providing a flavour oomph!! For Maggie’s herb butter recipe click here. Fresh herbs, capers, lemon zest, cooked onions with wine, anchovies, gherkins, spices, pesto and honey are fabulous ingredients to include. Sweet and savoury butters can be made. E.g. Honey and cinnamon butter to top roasted fruit, Caper and lemon butter for fish or for a super special occasion try something fancy like a red wine butter for roast beef.