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Texture-modified meals: enhancing quality of life for seniors

17 December, 2020

Sodexo Chefs have been finding creative and innovative ways to serve food to residents at Maranatha Age Care facility.

Food services can be challenging in aged care when considering the safety and nutritional health and wellbeing of residents. Some residents at Maranatha are also on a pureed diet and unable to eat foods which many of us enjoy daily.

Sodexo’s chefs have been creating texture-modified meals that look and taste delicious, while meeting specialised dietary requirements to improve quality of life for the seniors. This is a new initiative this year, allowing chefs to modify the texture of meals residents wouldn’t normally be able to eat, such as sandwiches and salads.

With warmer temperatures on the horizon, texture modifying also allows traditionally hot meals to be served cold, providing residents with a reprieve from the heat.

As you can see, the chefs have taken pride in presentation, finding colourful and appetising ways to present the texture-modified meals.

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