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The Maggie Beer Foundation is thrilled to officially release its online training program in our efforts to improve food and nutrition across Aged Care

6 April, 2022

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving food, nutrition and the dining experience in Aged Care, MBF has today launched 11 new online training modules designed to upskill cooks and chefs in Aged Care.

The online training modules, the first education program of its type in the world, have been developed in partnership with Altura Learning and William Angliss Institute.

The 30-minute online video-based modules which were filmed in Sydney last year feature Maggie and some of Australia’s leading Aged Care chefs and experts in food, nutrition, and the dining experience and cover the following:

01. Creating Tempting Finger Food and Sandwiches
02. Cooking Techniques with Impact
03. Cook Fresh. Chill. Enhance.
04. Feed the Eyes: Food Presentation
05. Keep it Fresh: Kitchen Gardens
06. Delivering Higher Protein All Day
07. Rethinking Texture Modified Food
08. Food Culture of First Australians
09. Embracing Food from Diverse Cultures
10. Improving the Dining Experience
11. Maximising Flavour: Engaging the Senses

Each individual module can be completed at the learner’s convenience and includes:

  • Introduction and cooking demonstrations from Maggie Beer
  • Specialist explanations from subject matter experts
  • Recipes which include details on ingredients, method, equipment, cost and nutritional profile
  • Downloadable learning resources, recipes, and references
  • Knowledge self-check questions
  • MBF recognition for successful completion of the module

“The roles of cooks and chefs in Aged Care is extremely demanding and highly responsible. Their main responsibility is the preparation of flavoursome, safe, wholesome food for the often-vulnerable people in their care”, said Maggie

“Older people deserve the very best food. Enticing, delicious meals that uplift and bring joy.  The findings of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety and from the discussions at MBF’s National Congress in February 2021 identified that the training of cooks and chefs in Aged Care is a large factor in the meals that are served.

“Our modules cover practical topics from finger food to cooking techniques with impact, food presentation, rethinking texture modified food, embracing food from diverse cultures, improving the dining experience, and maximising flavour – engage the senses and more,” she added.

“Many of the cooks and chefs currently in Aged Care have no formal training in hospitality and are expected to learn on the job. The Foundation has been running face-to-face training courses since our inception in 2014 and what we know is that when that training is taken back into Aged Care homes, there have been positive changes in the wellbeing of the residents and in the engagement of staff,” Maggie said.

“We’re confident the online modules will see more cooks and chefs access training. As a result, we expect improvements in food, nutrition, and dining in Aged Care across the country.

“Altura Learning is highly credentialed and a leader in creating training for the aged care sector. Together we have created high quality, practical training which will make an immediate difference to the lives of older Australians,” Ms Beer added.

“We were very excited to partner with the Maggie Beer Foundation to produce this series,” said Steve Iliffe, Executive Producer at Altura Learning, “We develop all our training with our sights set on making a positive difference to people’s lives, so it’s a passion we share with Maggie.”

“Fans of Maggie’s TV shows and her Masterclasses will be familiar with the format. The video-based training modules show just how cooks and chefs can influence outcomes with the right support from their organisations,” Steve added.

“This series could not have come at a better time with the Royal Commission into Aged Care focusing on training and education for all aged care employees.” Stated Yvie Webley, CEO at Altura Learning.  “We are excited to have been a part of this vital project with the Maggie Beer Foundation and to extend our quality content offering into the Kitchen to support cooks and chefs in aged care in their vital role.” Said Ms Webley

The development of the Foundation’s first 11 modules was made possible by a grant from the Australian Government Department of Health. The Foundation has plans to produce a further 34 modules to extend specialist online training in the provision of delicious, enjoyable food, nutrition, and the dining experiences for all older Australians

The Training Modules will be supported by the Maggie Beer Foundation Professional Community, a moderated forum, where those undertaking the modules receive access to hundreds of Aged Care recipes in addition to being able to ask questions of Maggie, the Foundation’s experts and other cooks and chefs in the Community.

The modules will be available to organisations as a set through Altura Learning, and individually through the Maggie Beer Foundation website. Priced at $43.95 per module, the cost includes learning resources, recognition of completion and access to the Maggie Beer Foundation Professional Community for cooks and chefs in Aged Care. Proceeds from the modules will be used to develop more online modules and to support the Professional Community Moderator.

To learn more about the Online Training Modules, please visit: Maggie Beer Foundation website