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We are thinking of you all

29 July, 2020

I can’t believe it is August already on the weekend. These last months have been so hard for so many people, and no one more than those in the aged care homes. Our hearts go out to those battling the odds – the families whose loved ones are in the homes and because of these extraordinary circumstances, have had limited access and certainly are missing out on the physical connection.

I have heard some lovely stories though. One, where a 99 year old grandmother here in Adelaide was treated to a long table birthday banquet with her family on the other side of a glass door, with the eldest daughter and granddaughter seated closest for this special occasion. Another I learnt of was where the team at an aged care home in Victoria went above and beyond, amidst the restrictions, to celebrate the 104th birthday of one of their residents.

We have to acknowledge the thoughtfulness and time taken for such special events, under pressured circumstances, particularly when it’s the small things that the families will never forget. Let’s hope we have more happy stories, but the saddest situation is what everyone is facing in Victoria at the moment.

I truly wish to acknowledge the staff in all our aged care homes who have soldiered on amidst the unprecedented pressure that COVID-19 has unloaded on them, with the additional fear of health and well-being for everyone involved.

With my warmest wishes, Maggie