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What’s in Season?

1 October, 2019

Spring has Sprung!!! No doubt you have experienced the lighter mornings, warmer days, the sunshine and seen if not smelt plants in bloom, a combination that is sure to put ‘spring’ into your step.

Produce… Strawberries keep getting better and cheaper, a perfect snack on their own or placed into a sweet treat!

Asparagus is starting the reduce in price – hard to beat al dente spears at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

New season potatoes are in, providing a great base for salads or main meals. Nature conveniently also placed peas, parsley, garlic and artichokes in their prime at the same time which marry perfectly.

Lastly beetroot, don’t be afraid, simply season and wrap in foil and roast at 150c until a skewer easily passes through the centre. Remove from the oven and allow to cool before removing the foil and rubbing the skin to expose the most delicious, tender delight. Perfect in salads, or as an accompaniment to main dishes, or simply eat as is, drizzled with aged balsamic.

This month we share two recipes from our recent Sydney masterclass

Roasted strawberries with Yoghurt cream and our Chickpea crusted Asparagus, Lemon thyme and Feta tart