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What’s in season?

31 October, 2019

How motivating are these warm days with crisp beginnings and endings? Hopefully you have had the chance to get into the garden and experience those ingredients that are now flourishing.

Mulberries are rich in vitamin C, iron and B-vitamins, but most important of all they are delicious! Perfect plucked fresh from the tree and eaten as is, or in desserts such as pie, stewed, made into jam or in a smoothie, they even go well with game style meats. These beauties freeze well if you have an abundance.

Are you fortunate enough to have or live close to a loquat tree? Make the most of the short loquat season- now ripe  and at their best. Why not try Maggie’s Loquat jelly recipe https://www.maggiebeer.com.au/recipes/loquat-jelly–2

Broad beans and fresh peas are deliciously plump and sweet right now, hard to beat simply picked from the vine.

Enjoy the last few weeks of Leeks and the beginnings of Beetroot.