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What’s in season – October

25 October, 2018

You will find beautiful crisp stems of Asparagus plentiful at the markets along with super sweet, rich red strawberries and garden peas. You may even be lucky enough to pick your own strawberries at one of the great farms offering this experience. Choose the smaller red strawberries, I promise you the flavour is impossible to beat!! If you are lucky enough to get home before the whole punnet/pick is consumed please don’t put them in the fridge – low temperatures degrade the aroma and flavour.

Our seasonal hero this month is BEETROOT!! Super easy and rewarding to grow, the earth mounds around the top when ready to pull and the young leaves are perfect in a fresh salad. This versatile, sweet and colourful beauty can be eaten raw, pickled, boiled, roasted or even made into soup. Purple is the traditional variety, but newer varieties such as golden or candy striped can be brought from good vegetable suppliers.

Try our MBF Beetroot Brownie recipe, which is impossibly hard to resist. Along with a nostalgic Beetroot and sour cream dip – tasty and refreshing! For those with a creative, passionate cook willing to go the extra mile, please try this Spring Slaw from Maggie’s Recipes for Life book – so much flavour and goodness!