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What’s in season – September

25 September, 2018

From Maggie “in my mind there is nothing that can surpass home grown fruit and veggies for flavour.” There is so much joy in having a direct connection with the food we eat, not to mention the obvious nutritional and sensory benefits that are well beyond what ends up in the kitchen. We encourage you to start simply with a fresh herb garden and what better time to start than spring – thyme, rosemary, sage and parsley are in season!
* Tuck a plush of thyme under your roasting beef for flavour
* Toss thyme leaves in your pan when sautéing mushrooms
* Lemon thyme is great with roast chicken and it even works well in sweet dishes such as roasted peaches or nectarines with double cream
* Rosemary is the perfect herb to use when roasting lamb or in with slow braised beans
* Sage, pumpkin and walnuts make the perfect meal with boiled whole meal pasta- even better when topped with fetta or goats cheese
* Torn sage leaves through potato gnocchi or scattered between potato bake layers is delicious
* Flat leaf parsley is the most versatile herbs, perfect to finish any dish or simply toss ¼ cup washed leaves in your lunch time salad