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Delicious Zucchini

27 February, 2019

Easy to grow, versatile and perfect on a BBQ, we share a recipe here for the humble zucchini, aka courgette.

Perhaps you have been lucky enough to taste a stuffed zucchini flower- the petals can encase fillings such as fish or chicken mousse, soft cheeses flavoured with herbs or a Mediterranean style of olive ratatouille, the flower then steamed or battered and fried before serving.

The most common varieties of Zucchini found are yellow, green or pale green striped. The larger the zucchini the older and more bitter the flesh, so best to choose smaller, firm cylinders. The appropriate cooking method is vital for the best experience, zucchini can easily become over cooked when steamed or boiled- resulting in a soggy piece that falls apart. Zucchini’s are great raw when grated through a coleslaw or salad or stuffed and baked, perfect cut into long strips, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and grilled on the BBQ or cut into chunks and roasted on high heat in the oven.