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What’s in season – September

25 September, 2018

From Maggie “in my mind there is nothing that can surpass home grown fruit and veggies for flavour.” There is so much joy in having a direct connection with the food we eat, not to mention the obvious nutritional and sensory benefits that are well beyond what ends up in the kitchen. We encourage you […]

Royal Commission into Aged Care and Four Corners report Part 1, 17th September 2018

18 September, 2018

The Maggie Beer Foundation was established in 2014 to improve the food experiences of older Australians. Since then, we have been providing training courses for cooks and chefs engaged in Aged Care and have been providing recipes and guidance to the providers of Aged Care. In our experience the food practices vary widely across the […]

Maggie Beer Foundation August update

30 August, 2018

August has been such a busy month for Maggie and the Foundation, it’s hard to know where to start! Maggie visited Regis East Malvern; the chef, Sabu and his team put on a fabulous morning tea, using Maggie Beer Foundation recipes, which helped make the event a huge success. The residents were in their element […]

Masterclass Champion – Priscilla Bourne, from Brightwater’s Ellison House

30 August, 2018

Chefs and cooks working in aged and disability care need to know more specifics about food than their peers working in restaurants, according to Maggie Beer Foundation chef, Eliza Taylor. Eliza visited Brightwater’s Ellison House during August to meet with chef Priscilla Bourne, who cooks on site for residents with Huntington’s Disease. The visit was a […]

Understanding Antioxidants

30 August, 2018

Can you name any foods that contain antioxidants? If you said blueberries, green tea and chocolate you’re on the right track! But what are antioxidants and why are they good for us? To answer this question we need to take a quick course in basic chemistry. Atoms (and groups of atoms called molecules) are the […]