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What’s in season – March

27 March, 2019

We celebrate the beginning of Autumn and the wonderful produce that comes with this season change. Ingredients such as Mushrooms, Grapes, Pears, Pumpkin, Quinces, Pomegranates and Rhubarb.

Mushrooms have so much to offer with endless varieties and opportunities to incorporate into dishes such as risotto, soup, and pies. We can appreciate their true versatility at any time of the day.

The sweet mellow flavoured pear marries to both sweet and savoury flavours, we share a recipe here for a pear and dark chocolate crumble.

Why not have a go preserving some aromatic quinces, their texture is like no other and you will be surprised how simple the procedure is to get results.

Then there is the delicate pink of cooked rhubarb and vibrant dark red nectar of the pomegranate juice.

All these ingredients supply nutrients to the body that aid our immune system for the cooler months ahead.