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Beetroot, Fennel, Orange and Feta Risotto by Amanda Orchard

SUITABLE FOR L6 SB TO L7 REG Now I’m not the greatest risotto cook, however I felt that the combination of beetroot, fennel, fresh orange and feta would make a beautiful risotto. Flavours that are both classic and contemporary and the colour …. wow! I’ve labeled this recipe an IDDSI L6 Soft and Bite Sized, […]

Roasted Stuffed Eggplant

The spices of the Middle East are so accessible to us give so much life to a lamb mince. Wherever you can, keep whole spices and roast and grind them as you need, but if you know you just won’t go to that trouble, think of Herbie’s Spices in Sydney, online or other companies that […]

Level 4 Caramelized Nectarine & Thyme Puree by Amanda Orchard

Summer stone fruit is just so glorious, this beautiful nectarine puree is sweet, buttery and tangy with subtle herbal notes. Can be served with yoghurts, custards, porridge, modified cereals, ice-cream, or on its own…. it even pairs well with chicken or pork! The nectarines in this recipe are interchangeable with other stone fruits, why not […]

Pavlova with Dried Apricots in Verjuice Syrup

The dried apricots in verjuice are available for purchase at Maggie’s Farm Shop The pavlova recipe base can used with your favourite toppings – perhaps delicious fresh berries?

Savoury Baked Custard With Bacon Parmesan & Fresh Herbs (by Amanda Orchard)

This silky baked custard suitable for texture levels 4 through 7 and requires no blending! Its silky and smooth, full of rich umami flavour and rounded out with the aroma of fresh herbs. Recipe provided by Amanda Orchard, https://texturedfoods.com/