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Summer Strawberry Trifle

Simple, nostalgic and classy… oozing celebration and fun, why not treat your residents this Christmas?

Maggie’s Herb Butter

Vary the inclusions to match the protein i.e. cinnamon and honey for roast sweet potato, lemon and caper for fish, if budget allows red wine and chervil for beef! Suitable to freeze; Roll either logs or pipe rounds on greaseproof lined trays and freeze. Prior to service defrost and then top each warm protein, serve as it […]

Beetroot Dip

Soft and textured, warming and clean. You won’t be disappointed if you top your cracker with excess dip. The lovely earthy flavour of roast beetroot, combined with horseradish, caraway and thyme, bound by sour cream, is sure to liven your elders palates before tea.

Spring Slaw

”This dish is as beautiful as a piece of art but only if the ingredients are super fresh and thinly sliced or grated. The good thing is the ingredients are interchangeable; if there is no bok choy, use broccoli instead, slicing the stems really thinly crossways separately to the heads. No red cabbage? Green cabbage […]

Chocolate and Beetroot Super Brownie

The dining room is sure to fall silent as residents are seduced by these decedent super brownies. The beetroot adds a sweet dimension and beautiful soft texture, similar to a jube but 1000 times better in every way. The benefits: Cocoa has more antioxidants than just about any other food on the planet. Cocoa contains […]