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Minty Pea Puree by Amanda Orchard

Amanda Orchard founded Texture Modified Food Solutions to assist those preparing and serving meals to individuals dealing with swallowing difficulties. This month Amanda celebrate Spring and shares her Minty Pea Puree recipe. See Amanda’s website for more. https://texturedfoods.com/

Roast Strawberries with Yoghurt cream

The smooth acidic yoghurt cream is complimented by the sweet roasted seasonal strawberries, a sheer delight to the palate.

Chickpea crusted Asparagus, lemon thyme & Feta cheese tart

Light, yet satisfying, this tart celebrates the life and flavours of Spring! Did you know? You can substitute to asparagus for another vegetable.  

Layered roast pumpkin, silverbeet & pasta bake with oat bechamel

A classic with a twist, a celebration of beautiful seasonal vegetables

Banana, Cocoa & Coconut Smoothie

Start the day with it, or serve as a nourishing snack, give this smoothie a try! SMOOTHIE BENEFITS: This smoothie packs a lot of protein and energy into a small serve which is a fabulous way of increasing intake of these vital nutrients for those with a reduced appetite. This wholesome and tasty smoothie also […]