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Wholewheat & yellow zucchini pasta with anchovies

Maggie’s last minute simple yet tasty meal, with the salty anchovies, aromatic basil and creamy ricotta. From ‘Maggie’s Recipe for Life’ cook book

Peaches stuffed with ginger and almonds

A great way to utilize less than ripe fruit, the roasting process softens the peaches and bring out their perfume and flavour.

Mixed Berry, Red Wine & Basil Puree by Amanda Orchard

With the Festive Season fast approaching ,for this month’s newsletter I wanted to share one of my favourite recipes I’ve developed this year. It’s super ‘Christmasy’ with a very classic flavour that has a little twist with the incorporation of fresh basil. You could serve this folded through yoghurt or ricotta, on its own with […]

Festive Salad with Potato, Ham, Cranberries & Kale

A delicious meal or side salad made using your left over Christmas ham.

Festive Almond, Fruit Mince & Apple Log

This Festive dessert is a winner, the baking pastry aroma and flavour combination is too good to resist!