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Festive Salad with Potato, Ham, Cranberries & Kale

A delicious meal or side salad made using your left over Christmas ham.

Festive Almond, Fruit Mince & Apple Log

This Festive dessert is a winner, the baking pastry aroma and flavour combination is too good to resist!

Mushroom and lentil sausage rolls

Make these and there will be no guilt serving your residents sausage rolls. Maggie takes the familiar sausage roll, incorporates flavour, and wellbeing, adding ingredients. TIP Make ahead and freeze raw, simply defrost on trays and bake on the day

House Braised Beans

A bit more effort than opening a tin, but once you taste home braised beans there is no comparison. A perfect anytime meals that your residents will be truly grateful of. Health Benefits….. Did you know; Compared to regular baked beans, this tasty homemade version provides 50% more energy while maintaining a high protein content.

Minty Pea Puree by Amanda Orchard

Amanda Orchard founded Texture Modified Food Solutions to assist those preparing and serving meals to individuals dealing with swallowing difficulties. This month Amanda celebrate Spring and shares her Minty Pea Puree recipe. See Amanda’s website for more. https://texturedfoods.com/