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Hot White Chocolate with Matcha and Coconut by Amanda Orchard, Textured Foods

Hot drinks are a common comfort, beloved by many especially during winter. ‘Hot White Chocolate with Matcha & Coconut’ is a little more contemporary and a fun, an adventurous option to mix the afternoon tea or supper rounds up a little bit!  

Orange Almond Winter Smoothie

Fight away the winter blues and start the day with a glass of smooth, creamy, citrus bliss!

Roasted carrot, turmeric and coconut soup

Many of life’s comforts can be found in a bowl of flavour packed warming soup, give this recipe a go!

Pumpkin, ginger and date scones

Perfectly spiced, easy to make, moist and delicious, spoil your residents! Tip; Roast extra pumpkin at meal time, ready to whip up these scones next day.

Leek, mushroom and tarragon bread pudding

          Hearty and tasty, this is a great Autumn evening comforter, served alongside protein