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Mashed Potato – it can be real!

28 November, 2018

WANT TO SERVE THE BEST REAL MASHED POTATO? Time poor? Only have access to imported, nutrient depleted powdered mash. Potatoes South Australia, the University of Adelaide and Maggie have the answer!! 60% of potatoes grown in South Australia are waste product due to not meeting the supermarket requirements for shape, size etc. Real, South Australian, […]

Sunil – a passionate aged care chef

28 November, 2018

Sunil kindly shared his food journey from Restaurants to Aged care kitchens and why he loves it. For the past 8 years Sunil Waghela has worked as a chef at Sisters of St John of God Aged Care home in West Leederville. Sunil has always had a passion for working within the hospitality industry. After successfully […]

Breads and Cereals: fibre-rich foods by Morgan Pankhurst APD

28 November, 2018

Breads and Cereals There are four main categories of breads and cereals: (1) bread in all its various forms including pita, naan, crispbreads; (2) breakfast cereals including oats; (2) grains such as rice, polenta, quinoa and semolina; and (4) other grain based products such as pasta, noodles, flour etc. All of these foods begin with […]

Summer is coming…

28 November, 2018

It is almost BBQ weather – do you find it hard to ignore the enticing smell of a summer BBQ? Alfresco dining can bring so much joy and no doubt some memories back to residents. We know that many aged care homes have fantastic outdoor spaces and have heard of male residents manning the BBQ […]

Maggie’s top tip – storing herbs

28 November, 2018

Ever buy a bunch of herbs, have left over, place it in the fridge and the following day it is only good for the chooks??? Ideally grow your own and pick as needed! For those not fortunate enough to be able to do this, Maggie shares below her secret of how to store. “Either wrap […]