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Autumn – what’s in season

31 May, 2019

May is the last month of Autumn and we celebrate mushrooms. A sense of magic surrounds these diverse, nutrient rich, uniquely textured vegetables.

Garlic, bacon and Parmesan bring out the flavour in mushrooms, whilst beef, chicken, oily fish, eggs, strong flavoured cheeses, pumpkin, potato, asparagus, onion, walnuts and herbs such as thyme, dill, rosemary and parsley marry, and together make great dishes.

Fibre, protein, vitamins D and B, selenium and potassium rich, aid mushrooms stance in the history of cuisine.

For May we have created three recipes featuring mushrooms, A finger food idea; Mushrooms stuffed with lentils, sundried tomatoes and ricotta and two dishes suitable for serving alongside protein; Leek, mushroom and tarragon bread pudding and a layered potato, mushrooms and bacon bake. Happy cooking.

Also beautiful now, pumpkin, pears left to ripen, apples, broccoli, cauliflower and silver-beet.