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November Champion – Natasha Keirnan, Chef and Hospitality Manager

28 November, 2018

19 years of cooking experience within aged care, restaurants and catering, a passion for good food, nutrition and a special interest in dementia specific opportunities with food, has lead Natasha Keirnan to her latest position as Hospitality Lead of Southern Plus East Fremantle in WA and food advisor for Southern Cross Care residential aged care […]

Homegrown Beets by Cath Manuel

25 October, 2018

Homegrown Beets…nothing tastes Beta! If you love eating beetroot or the beet leaves then you’ve got to try growing your own! Homegrown beet is packed with flavour, grown organically in healthy soil and leaves are available for picking as needed. The beetroot is the taproot portion of the beet plant, or Beta vulgaris, grown for its edible leaves […]

Celebrate Ageing

25 October, 2018

In early October Melbourne hosted Australia’s first festival challenging ageism and building respect for older people. Embolden2018 included a Market of Great Ideas, a series of plenary presentations, the launch of the Elder Leadership Academy and a Fashion Parade called SPUNK. The Fashion Parade featured models 65+, promoted beauty as an attitude and invited models […]

Fruit & Vegetables: Eating a Rainbow – By Morgan Pankhurst, APD

25 October, 2018

Welcome to another edition of the MBF newsletter, I’m so glad you joined us! Last month we discussed the Australian Dietary Guidelines and how this applies to older adults. We talked briefly about the core food groups, how many serves per day from each food group are recommended and what a serve might look like. […]

Wellbeing Garden Grant – Nobel Park, Melbourne

25 October, 2018

In 2015 the Maggie Beer Foundation gave out a number of Garden grants to successful homes that applied. We recently heard from Nobel Park in Melbourne who have used their grant to create a beautiful space for residents and families to enjoy. Michelle Thomson, Uniting Agewell Program Manager told us, ‘The creation of the Community […]