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Soba noodles with sesame, pickled carrot, cucumber and ginger

“Soba are hands down my favourite Japanese noodles, and they make a great last-minute addition to many dishes. Definitely worth a place in the larder!” Maggie

Mango, lime and coconut sago pudding

“Mango, lime and coconut are all flavours of the tropics that I love to call on in the heat of summer.” Maggie

Honey, Ginger & Turmeric Crème

A unique, nutritious and tasty way to finish a meal. Containing ‘liquid gold’ honey not only tastes fantastic it is a probiotic, immune boosting and anti bacterial. Married with circulation improving and calming ginger, and turmeric that has been used for hundreds of years in medicine due to its powerful medicinal properties and active anti […]

Chocolate cloud cake with nut cream and rose petals

It looks like a simple mix of chocolate, eggs and butter, but Maggie says her new cake can do wonders for brain health. This recipe is from Maggie’s new cookbook, Maggie’s Recipe for Life which you purchase here.